Fish in Wet Tunnel

Exploration of a non-place: Greenwich Foot Tunnel, London. 
Fall 2017

I was initially interested in the lack of interactions that people have with surveillance cameras, especially in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. The only things present are lights and surveillance cameras. I thought it’d be interesting to have people be conscience of the cameras and to see if I can get an interaction with this mysterious technology we use for safety.

By creating a small environment within this existing one, I wanted to enhance already odd qualities of the tunnel. With no windows, no fresh air, and heavy moldy moisture, the tunnel reminded me of a post-apocalyptic hide out. The wetness made me think of a fishy environment so I knew I wanted to incorporate a fish. I decided to create a space reminiscent of someone’s room. It turned out to be like a child’s room with the fish, carpet, and book on the stool.

My interests turned more into a couple of the children who lingered around the longest. Instead of showing all of the reactions and eye contact with this camera, I decided to curate an event within the small environment. I also liked the idea of directing a movie with all the actors being people I don’t know and didn’t hire.  Fish in wet tunnel under water captures the interaction of an environment and the people passing by. The short conceptual film highlights one event with a girl in a red poncho as the main character. The different camera angles highlight the subtle interactions and brings up a separate narrative. The video format, is also something quite odd to look at and enhances the feeling of the space being in a different world.