Sexy Screen Printing

Designing Systems: Experiencing Screen Printing through the Senses.
Spring 2017

This was a partner project for my main studio. John and I decided to make a series of posters that concentrate around the experience and senses of screen printing. Screen printing is really a physical activity and requires a lot of different movements. We wanted to encapsulate some of these movements and sounds into our work. We came up with five catch phrases that our posters would be inspired by. Our catches include gooey goodness (emulsion), super suction (transferring image to screen), creamy concoctions (mixing inks), squeegee sensations (printing), and wailing wetness (cleaning screen). These phrases are meant to target the senses and hopefully have the viewer react viscerally.

I had a fun time playing with the 3D function on photoshop. I thought that adding another dimension to the 2d posters was an interesting concept. Who says 2D posters should be stagnant or flat? I really wanted to play this concept of pushing the 2D medium into something new.

You can find the full process here: