DepthKit + Moshing

Experimental Capture: Depth Footage of an event finalized into a music video.
Spring 2017

I really enjoy going to concerts and I realized that the audience have a big role in the experience of the show. I wanted to explore the different kinds of crowds in different music events. My vision was a crowd with a lot of people but somehow capturing the density and movement. Thanks to DepthKit, I was able to do this.

I was inspired by one of radiohead’s music videos that was all filmed with a Lidar. I’ve also been super interested in photogrammetry and 3D scanning.

To put all of my footage together I made a music video. I just really wanted to make a music video. Along with the MV, I also made a video using just the moshing scenes and overlaying a non-punk song. I wanted to decontextualize the footage. Because I was only able to capture one type of music event, I thought it’d be interesting to overlay a song that would have a different crowd.

I want to eventually go to more concerts of different genres and compare the movement of the masses.