Kanye <3

Exploring Facial Recognition and Proccessing.
Fall 2016

Played with open source code and FaceOSC as creative tools. I did a lot of exploration with face detection and its possible effects. I played with Hough Line Detection for the red lines that reminded me of his albums Yeezus and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The second video is a continuation to the project above with more elements to it. I explored the emotion recognition on FaceOSC and importing sound onto Processing. As you can tell I could only get it to work one time with the songs. I'm still trying to get the songs to play and stop when the person is smiling and frowning. Though I'm glad the Kanye expressions are working.

I see these projects as a start of something and can see them being used in a concert setting or a advertising method for the public to interact with. I can see this being projected very large somewhere where people can have fun and appreciate their favorite artists.